Where is my data kept?
We keep your data on our servers in Tbilisi and in several off-site backup locations. All backups are encrypted.
How do I retrieve my documents?
Our staff can deliver the documents to your office, or you can request the document to be scanned for you.
My archive is a total mess, can you help me?
Of course! Dasta offers records management consulting services and can help you organize your archives. We can provide you with the necessary software, and our staff can come in and organize everything for you.
Do you use binders to store my documents?
We store your documents in boxes, which fit folders, files, and binders. Our specialized records storage boxes allow us to optimize our storage spaces and protect your documents. On the inside, the Dasta box is 381 mm long, 330 mm wide, and 254 mm high. While we allow customers to store in binders, we generally recommend against using them for long-term storage. Binders are expensive (around GEL 5 per binder), and take up a lot of unnecessary space.
Does Dasta allow clients to audit their records?
Yes, client are allowed to audit their own records on-site at Dasta’ facility. Dasta has a special audit room for this purpose.
How do you guarantee that your employees won't steal my confidential information?
Every Dasta employee is thoroughly screened before being hired. The screening process includes a criminal record check, a driving record check, a reference check, and a drug test. Furthermore, all work areas in our facility are controlled with cameras. Employees are not allowed to bring any personal items into secured areas, and cannot access our computer systems from home. Computer use is closely monitored, and access records are maintained for every box and file in our facility.