Dasta completes digitization project for the Georgian National Communications Commission

Dasta Records Management (“Dasta”) recently completed a digitization project for the Georgian National Communications Commission (“GNCC”), Georgia’s broadcasting and telecom regulator. Dasta digitized GNCC’s archive, and provided a customized M-Files electronic document management solution, to allow for efficient and modern document management.

Dasta delivered a complete solution, providing both scanning and software services. Its on-site team of digitization professionals scanned and categorized hundreds of thousands of pages using modern scanning equipment. It also provided the M-Files software, which was implemented by Dasta’s own team of implementation specialists, and trained GNCC staff. Using the M-Files software, GNCC staff is able search their digitized documents in a user-friendly way. For more information about M-Files, see: https://www.drm.ge/m-files-geo/

“The projected was completed smoothly and on-time, in no small part thanks to the excellent support from GNCC staff,” says Dasta’s CEO Daan Harmsen. “We were impressed by the energy of GNCC’s team.”

“Government organizations are a strategic priority for us,” says Client Relationship Officer Mariam Epitashvili. “With this project successfully completed, we look forward to also helping other government organizations digitize their documents, and reap the benefits of easy-to-use document management software.”

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