Dasta opens Georgia’s most modern document storage facility in Tbilisi

To accommodate the fast growth of its business, on 21 February 2017, Dasta opened a new records management and document storage facility in Tbilisi’s Samgori region.   “Our previous facility, located just outside of the city, had reached its full capacity, with no room for growth. This building quadruples the number of documents that we can store, and is located closer to our Clients,” says Ketevan Shvelidze, Client Relationship Manager.
The facility, which includes both office space and a 15m tall warehouse, was constructed according to international standards. Designed and built by Temesist, an experienced Turkish warehouse manufacturing and engineering firm, the document storage facility is the most modern Georgia has ever seen. The facility is equipped with the latest security features, such as fire detection, intrusion detection, CCTV, flood prevention, electronic access control, a secured perimeter, and 24-hour live security. In addition, with 1 hectare of land, Dasta has additional room for expansion.
“At Dasta, providing excellent service to our Clients, and offering them safe and secure storage, is our top priority, and this new facility will help us do that even better. Since we entered the market in 2014, our business has been growing steadily, and we now serve a large number of Georgian organizations, who entrust us with their documents. With this new facility, we are able to accommodate the continued growth of our business,” says Daan Harmsen, CEO.

For more information or press enquiries, please contact Ketevan Shvelidze, at ketevan.shvelidze@drm.ge, or +995 595 110 050